Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Want First Place Google Results For Your Website?

You want to get the best search engine rankings because you know that is the key to getting tons of targeted traffic to your website, but how? You've got tons of search engine competition in a highly competitive keyword. You may need to focus on these search engine ranking strategies below if you'd like to achieve first place Google search engine results.

Create a website with content that is valuable to your targeted visitor. If you've got great content on your site the search engines will naturally be drawn to it as long as it's unique with proper keyword placement and structure. Some ways you could make your website valuable to visitors is by giving away an informative newsletter, ebook, coupons or just valuable information.

The keyword selection you use on your site is also very important. You should use keyword selection tools to find the most popular keywords for your topic to use on your site. The keywords to use are the ones that bring traffic. You'll find those by entering popular keywords from your niche into keyword search tools to drill down to find less popular words that you can dominate from a particular page of your website.

Once you've done your keyword research you'll have a list of keywords that receive traffic and you can place them strategically through your pages. Use these niche keywords in the right places in your content and use link references to other related pages on your site.

You'll also want to add keywords to your web page title, META tags, Headers and make sure they are not overused and dispersed throughout your page. You should try to place your primary and secondary niche keywords within the beginning of your page. You should use these keywords in the header tags and near the beginning of your first paragraph whenever possible.

Don't use the same keywords too much though. Search engines consider the use of keyword stuffing to be spam. One of the ways to avoid getting penalized is to use your keywords in appropriate places to give you the maximum results.

Search engines love valuable information and by creating pages of quality content you'll naturally attract high search rankings. Another benefit of having great content is that your site will become more popular among visitors. Many people will start recommending your site to their friends which leads to my next point.

Once you've got good content and some traffic then website owners will want to start voluntarily linking to your web pages. It's like internet word of mouth which is a very strong motivator for people to check you out. If your content is influential enough it might generate a buzz that is talked about and shared.

Great quality is worth much more than great quantity and will reward you with more links and a long lasting website that people revisit continually. Getting a high number of incoming links is one of the most beneficial things you can do to increase your search engine results. Each inbound link is determined to be the equivalent of a vote from a website for your website.

If the site linking in is a topic related to your then it receives a larger SEO weight. Helpful incoming links are from sites that are an authority site that is well established, highly trusted, on an old domain, from an .EDU, .GOV domain, or have a high page rank. If this is the case of an incoming link you can be assured that it should help you receive better search engine rankings.

The more high quality incoming links the better and it's important to strive to find relevant link partners to get the best search engine rankings you can for your site. You can approach website that are not in direct competition with yours to do a beneficial link exchange. A link exchange is when you put their link someone on your site for a returning link from them. A lot of websites will agree to this; however you should only approach sites of high quality that will be beneficial to your site.

Many sites that have used bad linking practices in the past may actually harm your site by association. As a general rule of thumb, look for high Google trusted sites with a pr rank as an indication of SEO trust before you approach for a link.

For your websites design structure you should keep it easily to navigate so that your customers can find their way around. The site should have the same navigation throughout and each page should make good use of H1 tags for titles.

Whenever submitting your pages or building your incoming links you'll not only want to concentrate on the home page but on interior pages too. You could hire or outsource someone to do this for you. Just make sure this person uses a manual submission as automated submission services can sometimes result in adverse benefits.

Make sure you monitor your competitors and the top ranked websites in the search engine rankings to see how they have their pages setup. Looking at what your competitors are doing correct in the form of their content, navigation and keywords will give you valuable insight in to why they are ranking high.

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