Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tips To Choose Good Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have become more popular nowadays, especially for sales people who want to make money easily and quickly. However, before you choose any affiliate program, make sure that you have answered all questions relating to a good affiliate program. Here are some questions you may ask:

1. Does the affiliate program offer high commission rates for products?

I know it is a tough question to answer. How much is high? Normally, commissions of 25%-30% of the product price are expected of a good affiliate program. You can have a look at this site for reference:


2. How much traffic does the vendor get to their site?

Before signing up to any affiliate program, remember to do some research on the vendor’s site, especially the site’s traffic. Alexa.com may be helpful in doing this research. If the site is ranked in the top 100,000 the merchant gets good daily traffic to his site. If the site is ranked below 500,000 it is not worth bothering. You should find another one. So remember to do the research before you want to invest anything.

3. Does the merchant use any tracking system?

All good affiliate programs provide excellent tracking systems. This system allows you to track visitors by using cookies, so that you can get accredited with sales that originate from your site. Check out how long the cookies last. The longer they last, the better chances are of getting paid.

4. Is the payment safe?

Be sure that you can get commission payment easily and safely, otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time and effort. A perfect affiliate program has a secure payment system so that you can check your balance any time or be informed shortly when you receive any credit. Moreover, you should ask about the payment time because different affiliate programs have various payment times. Some pay monthly, some quarterly. It is also vital to know the minimum balance you need to earn in order to get paid.

5. Does the affiliate program have any tool to help affiliates sell more?

A standard database with all kind of reports from sales to payment and other tools like ads, banners.. are very vital for affiliate management. Make sure that you can control all the sales, keep track of them and make good decisions. Moreover, the support system must be really good to help you solve some urgent situations you may encounter.

6. Does the affiliate program offer affiliate referral program or two tier affiliate program?

It means that you can get additional commission if you can recruit more affiliates into the affiliate program. The more they sell, the more referral commission you may get. Therefore, recruit as many affiliates for you as possible.


Finding a good affiliate program is a tough work. The best advice for you is to do your own research, using these abovementioned questions as a guide that will lead you to the right merchant, to reach your financial goal. If you find one, tell me.


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