Friday, September 29, 2006

Google Power - Explore google

Google is simply superb - the way they bring in different products suited to the differing needs. I use majority google products regularly. Let's check what I use form google's kitty!

1. Google Mail - mail to revolutionize the whole emailing. Started with 1 GB space - now more than 2.6 GB space, never delete a mail!

2. Google Talk - a voice messenger - initially was not that good but now it is quite good. Moreover, integrating gtalk with gmail was a masterstroke. No need to install separate messenger. I love it!

3. Googlepages - 100 mb free space to create your website and a cool template to choose from.

4. Google analytics - track who is accessing your website and from where. It's very good and free!

5. Google base - Post your advertisements here and you'll find it in google search.

6. Google earth - find your home from the google maps. Amazing product. I could see my locality from google maps. Last month I went to Vizag - I explored Vizag from google maps beforehand and believe me, I was not lost in the city - as I knew every street from google maps.

7. Froogle - You can sell and buy things here. Quite interactive. Surely in near future it will give some competition to amazon and ebay. Not very popular right now but with google you can expect it to crack every competition.

8. Orkut - If you are using internet and still not have a profile in orkut, I really doubt if you socialize. It's one of the most amazing networks, and it's faster than myspace. I have account in myspace, and it takes a hell lot of time to load. But, orkut is very fast and gradually improving, in 2-3 years you can be sure that orkut will rock the world.

9. Google scholar - It's not your normal search, it's the google scholar power - standing on the shoulders of giants! It mainly browses through the research and scholarly articles. It's one of the best gift to research community by google.

10. Picasa - now not only you can arrange your albums in picasa but share it in picasaweb. Great colour interface and takes very little time to load unlike yahoo photos.

11. Google groups - you are not satisfied with orkut - then you have google groups in the line of yahoo groups. I feel google groups is better as it is still virgin and unlike yahoo groups, spamming is less.

12. Google video - watch fantastic videos in google - direct competitor to youtube. Now you can share those videos in your website through embedded codes! What a gadget!

13.Blogger - you can write your daily diary here and it's qutie good.

14. Google notebook - use it as a notepad while searching the web and it will be automatically saved in your google account name.

15. Google spreadsheets - excel files by google. You can cut paste data here and also calculate different formula just like excel.

16. Google news - latest news brought to you by google. Very quick to load and update time is very fast.

17. Google translate - translate not only words but an entire website to any language. Check it - it's quite amazing!

And the star of the show - what started the google revolution...

GOOGLE SEARCH - Anyone using internet must have used google search. It's gaining more popularity every day! The best gift by google to mankind!


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