Friday, July 11, 2008

AdSense Revenue

Earning a good revenue just from AdSense is a popular subject on the internet as well as a goal hoped to be achieved by thousands if not millions of internet users. So let's talk about it.

The kind of money you can earn from this program is ridiculous. I have been researching and learning how to effectively use Google AdSense. A common misconception in the initial set up of adsense is that you will start earning a good amount of money right away, which is the farthest from the truth. I went a good 5 months earning about 90 cents a day, which obviously was not enough for satisfaction. So I started to really learn exactly how Google itself operates, the algorithm portion of it. How the index ranks pages, websites ect. If you have done your research, you know that it's a bit more complicated than putting out a website, adding the html codes to it and letting the money come in.

The website (s) that you are promoting need to have a pretty good page rank, which we all know by now. But how is that achieved? Well, in experiments I have found that paying other high ranking pages webmasters to put a link on their site will work in ways. A lot of constantly updating content is also a key, again which we all know. So, you have a website all about GPS (example) You put some AdSense on it and hope for the best but you see less than a dollar a day, with some days panning out to absolutely nothing. You start to learn the basics of SEO and work towards getting your website noticed by a large croud, and not only that, you work towards keeping them coming back to your site for more information. You use AdWords ppc as a way to get the targeted traffic you want, but it does not work the way you want to. Then you wonder why? Your paying Google to bring readers to your content but there not really coming. Not Google's fault, its the way your campaign is running. Some people choose to target a broad audience with keywords that can be used for different things. Like the word GPS for example. Of course you could use it as a keyword but the thing is, when people reach your sponsored link through that and in reality they are looking to sell gps systems, your website does them no good. Then you start realizing you need to change some things, you put in some keywords relating to Gps, like Garmin ect.. Change your ad text a bit to revolve around 1 ad group. Target the users specifically so that the only people clicking on your ad are people who literally want to read and learn more about Gps systems, therefore rendering your site the jackpot for their searches.

You have links from Google in the appropriate places, users see ads relating to what their looking for, eh.. might click on 1 or 2- you just got paid for the click. So you see it can happen, and you can get paid for this. It is now your mission to increase the amount of people viewing your pages, obviously increasing your revenue. You work at getting your page noticed by more and more people, the search engines index starts to see that people are going into your site, and NOT going back to the search engine, therefore ranking you a bit higher. The websites you PAID to have your link on, start delivering targeted traffic right to your site. People start clicking, you have a day where you have 10,000 visitors go right to your page, and out of those 10,000, 2 thousand click on your AdSense ads. If the advertisers pay 30 cents per click (just say) than you just made 600 bucks. IN ONE DAY <<<>

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