Monday, July 31, 2006

Search Engine List and Directories List

Search engine list - alphabetical with scores (* - ***** )

AOL Search - search engine ***
is the one place where you can simultaneously search all of AOL and the rest of the Internet. Uses ODP directory data.
Alta Vista - search engine ***
is one of the most comprehensive search engines, featuring blazing speed, results that can be selectively refined, and a search for documents in specific languages.

Alta Vista Asia
Alta Vista Australia
Alta Vista Austria
Alta Vista Belgium
Alta Vista Brazil
Alta Vista Canada
Alta Vista Denmark
Alta Vista France
Alta Vista Germany
Alta Vista India
Alta Vista Ireland
Alta Vista Italy
Alta Vista Korea
Alta Vista Netherlands
Alta Vista New Zealand
Alta Vista Norway
Alta Vista Portugal
Alta Vista Spain
Alta Vista Sweden
Alta Vista Switzerland
Alta Vista United Kingdom
Alta Vista United States

Direct Hit - search engine *
popularity engine shows you highly relevant results based on the search topics that other people have researched.
Excite - search engine **
Portal, goes beyond keyword search and tries to understand underlying concepts. Results can be sorted by Web site; prompts with keyword list to help refine searches.
FAST - search engine **
claims to have the largest index of any search engine, and aims to eventually have every page on the Web in its database. - search engine *
It was perhaps the best at handling plain-language queries. It clusters results from a single site, offering suggestions for related topics - now a part of Disney.
Google - search engine ***** - editors choice!
ranks results both on how many links point to a page (importance) and search phrase matching - absolutely the number one!
Google Web Directory

Google Brazil
Google Burundi
Google Canada
Google Rep. Dem. du Congo
Google Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Google Germany
Google France
Google Guernsey
Google Israel
Google Italy
Google Japan
Google Jersey
Google Korea
Google Liechtenstein
Google Lietuvos (Litauen)
Google Micronesia
Google Montserrat
Google Nederland
Google New Zealand
Google Norfolk Island
Google Polska
Google Russia
Google Saint Helena
Google Switzerland
Google UK
Google Virgin Islands

GoTo - Overture - search engine - PPC **
search engine ranks results by how much a company is willing to pay for listings - it’s now Overture.
HotBot - search engine **
Lycos affiliate
IWON - search engine *
search engine portal, IWON gives away daily, weekly, and monthly prizes.
LookSmart - PPC *
web directory

Looksmart Australia
Looksmart Canada
Looksmart Hong Kong
Looksmart Malaysia
Looksmart Netherlands
Looksmart New Zealand
Looksmart Singapore
Looksmart United Kingdom
Looksmart USA
Lycos - search engine ***
offers many features beyond searching the Web.

Lycos Belgium
Lycos France
Lycos Germany
Lycos Italy
Lycos Japan
Lycos Netherlands
Lycos Spain
Lycos Sweden
Lycos Switzerland
Lycos United Kingdom

MSN - search engine ***
Microsoft's new search engine.

MSN Arabia
MSN Austria
MSN Belgium (Dutch)
MSN Belgium (French)
MSN Czech Republic
MSN Denmark
MSN Finland
MSN France
MSN Germany
MSN Italy
MSN Israel
MSN Netherlands
MSN Norway
MSN Spain
MSN Sweden
MSN Switzerland (French)
MSN Switzerland (German)
MSN Brazil
MSN Canada (English)
MSN Canada (French)
MSN Latin America
MSN Mexico
MSN United States (English)
MSN US Spanish

MSN Hong Kong S.A.R.
MSN India
MSN Japan
MSN Korea
MSN Malaysia
MSN Singapore
MSN Taiwan

MSN South Africa

MSN Australia
MSN New Zealand

Netscape Search - search engine *
Results are enhanced by Google
Northern Light - search engine *
Northern Light has built and installed over 200 custom enterprise search applications for leading organizations, and provides business research content solutions
Open Directory Project - Directory ***
links to more than 5,000,000 web sites, collected and organized by more than 69,000 volunteer editors worldwide.
RealNames *
uses Internet Keywords to simply type in the name of a company, brand, or products and go to that Web page.
NBCI - search engine *
formerly, now a part of the MSNBC Network
Webcrawler - search engine **
useful but by far the smallest of the major search engines
Yahoo! - Yahoo! Webpages - Directory ****
Yahoo Websites - Business Submission ($299)the most popular Web directory. Its directory format makes subject search easy. Also offers specialized searches for timely news, stock quotes, classifieds, etc.

Yahoo Argentina
Yahoo Asia
Yahoo Australia & NZ
Yahoo Brazil
Yahoo Canada
Yahoo China
Yahoo Chinese
Yahoo Denmark
Yahoo France
Yahoo Germany
Yahoo Hong Kong
Yahoo India
Yahoo Italy
Yahoo Japan
Yahoo Korea
Yahoo Mexico
Yahoo Norway
Yahoo Spain
Yahoo Spanish
Yahoo Sweden
Yahoo Taiwan
Yahoo UK & Ireland


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